I am Farhad Zekavat, born in Tehran main roots in Shiraz. Tehran is one of the wildly extending cosmopolitan and capital of Iran for more than 150 years. Symbol of modernism in Iran with 16 to 18 million resident and nonresident population. My roots come back to world famous cultural city also famous for special appetizers, foods, desserts and of course various drinks but everybody knows Shiraz by of the best spectacular wines but not after revolution in 1979. As much as Tehran was famous for modern arts, Shiraz goes back to traditional arts from architecture to valuable handcrafts. Both someday had top Asian universities too. Both cities have an ancient history less known for local and international that Tehran has at least 7000 civilization background, but Shiraz of course from 3000 B.C  was in the region of famous empires from Medes to Parthian and Achaemenid dynasty (best known for Persepolis) and before Islam was of the most important Sasanid empire territory.

 My career is reflected in my CV page in English and here in Persian. So instead I just mention about the beginning of my interests, sci fi genre by my heroes, Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, and Michael Crichton. I also have written and signed to publish some sci fi Thriller to tribute Crichton who introduced this genre based on science and not pure sci fi or fantasy (will publish somehow). Wanted to be like him somehow.

 At least I could publish more than 450 articles (translated, edited and written) in ministry of education science website (this was my most active page) which before corruption in management was trying to be the best biggest name in the middle east. I am proud of my vast contribution as content manager, provider and students consultant which part of them was life changing for many. So if at least till now nationally in the shadow of unnecessary fame and in many cases without name I did a lot. Of course, evidence is recorded somewhere in the background.

 But my interest in science began with hating schools and exams and a ill and difficult educational system till master degree in physics. Asimov and his books for teens about science had a huge impact on me and I know for many all around the world from 40s till 2000s effectively. My core interest in physics is actually fundamental forces and astrophysics. Partly I started star gazing as an amateur astronomer since 2001 and started to be in the background by publishing some books (translated and edited) till now. Of course I have many travels to desert and mountains to observe the sky. Books are part of my free time and became a profession or in another word a skill.

 But before all these I used to be a goalkeeper in football. After Badminton which I started by a coach decided to go for football as my passion in sports. I joint a talent program in one of the best clubs in Iran and someday in Asia (PAS: do not worry about the logo it was something else before 1979). Little bit later I left sports due to corruption in sports also my opportunity to start university career.

 Physics was the start of a career for me. But it was not enough for me. I founded students’ physics association. I did a lot as manager and headquarter, many meetings, lectures, and other events as one can find in my CV or Persian page of my career. Also it caused making some enemies specially and always by professors jealousy reflected in my GPA by some of them, but it was not the end. In master degree I was part of such association as my new university which I did almost a lot, mostly I was lecturing, managed some events till the end and again this time directly an instructor and an employee threatened me (funny and disturbing which I will write about all happens soon). Beside all of I studied, Ancient history was my interest in a way that for two years instead of preparing for entrance examination of universities (hate all exams in all levels), I studied as an amateur history reader. Later due to this favorite subject, during the travels or even in the city public transportations and some free time I read some related novels also, mostly by my favorite academic novel author, Valerio Massimo Manfredi (also his website here) who we have a 3 volume of his works (Alexander by his and Mondadori publication in Persian).