It was 9 years ago, during net surfing for PhD and also some international conferences in Particle Physics, I saw an event: 80’s birthday of Murray Gell-Mann. It was a conference on high energy particle physics, Cosmology and Complex system in NTU, Singapore. Regarding to my interest to meet giants and big names of what I have studied during the years from them and my historical mind, I decided it would be my first trip to somewhere else, instead of Iran’s conferences. Names in the list were seducing (later I found these names are just for to be considered by organizers, but still 70% of them came there for Gell-Mann’s legacy).

ادامه مطلب

فیزیکدانان چگونه در برخورد ذرات می‌فهمند چه اتفاقی می‌افتد؟ از طریق محاسباتی بسیار چالش برانگیز هم هستند، در برخی حالت‌ها، نمی‌توانند چنین کاری انجام دهند. ادامه مطلب