You always have your shadows. This is a sci fi thriller by definition and heart. A classic scientific descriptions from Physics to medicine, biology, chemistry and so on. Of course from somewhere psychology takes a serious part in the last chapter. The thriller is different from breathtaking Jurassic Park.

After many years I picked from my unread collections a classic which I hoped does not disappoint me. Remembers me of joyful readings of few Jules Verne and Asimov adventurous sci fi. Space opera and cyberpunk which these days mistakenly called hard sci fi, which in very few cases are, are closer to speculative rather “science”-fiction.

In this case Sphere is a classic hard science fiction. But I have seen many reviewer specially youtubers these few years, they think as much a it is far far future and guns and spaceships are more sophisticated (even without any description, just a gothic view) it is harder. Science part has been forgotten or missed by some in sci fi genre.


Characterization, very careful and informative science facts and how Crichton put in his stories and also ideas almost all very good of not great (in some cases they are actually great) are impressive. Of course, closing the story at last pages were stereotypical and not very brilliant but it was the result of a cause he had to finish the story with. It could be in some other ways, but it was Crichton’s choice at the time of writing. Some readers may like, the other opposite group does not like. There is no down point about the ending idea. In some cases, stories could really be better with another satisfying ending, but not necessary about Sphere (tastes are different for sure).

After some disappointing sci fi I read during recent years, Sphere was great for me; in particular the science concepts he put in many scenes he was written and played with scientific facts. At last the plot seemed to be predictable but successfully he has used some twists and made it almost unpredictable.

 The movie

As much as the book is great, the movie is an insult to the book and those who have read the book. Somehow I think it was supposed to be an insult to Crichton too. Exactly the key moments, cause and effect scenes were cut. As far as the casts were and are very well-known for their career at that time, We ca not say they were not good enough for the movie. Seems they were not supposed to act like they have never experienced being in front of the camera. Machinery body languages is unbearable.

At last audience of the movie does not understand why scenes are jumping and there is no cause for the effects and it is meaningless. The main cinematic moments are ignored and exactly the worst thing they could do to the story they did (professionally). That’s why I like to think it was on propose. For what? I do not know. Just read the book and watch the movie you will find what I mean by this conspiracy idea of mine. Why two writers wrote the screenplay like this, seems they are no good and had no experience and no talents as writers and why they have been chosen? Maybe just business and cheap pens.


TV Series

There were some rumors about an adaptation after the Westworld success if still there is a plan for that since the news comes from 2020. It can be a good news and I can guess, it may be a mini series but depends how good the writers are! These days of course there are much more talented writers. If this is happening I wish to watch the series. Simulations, technology, talented writers and facilities are not comparable with 1998 adaptation time and  most important point of all: Money investing on the series is the key if not the most critical. Let’s hope they make it and do their best.

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